Backyarding Trends in 2024

Backyarding trends in 2024

Backyarding trends in 2024
JANUARY 9, 2024

Courtesy of the TurfMutt Foundation
ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s called “backyarding” – the act of taking activities typically associated with the indoors outside into the green space around us – and it will continue to take root in 2024, according to the TurfMutt Foundation.

The foundation, under its parent organization, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), advocates for the care and use of green space, including homeowners’ backyards, community parks, green space and school yards.

10 trends for 2024 predicted by the TurfMutt Foundation:
Improving Existing Space. High interest rates and low housing inventory mean more homeowners may decide to renovate. With interior projects done, their focus will turn to backyard improvements that customize the outdoor space and merge indoor and outdoor living.

Seeking a Home Near a Park or Nature. Even homeowners looking to downsize still want to maintain a connection with nature. They know “backyarding” can happen in any size yard and will look for connections to nature through community parks, school yards and other green space.

Return of Neighborhood Parties…in the Backyard. Over the last several years, homeowners have invested in their outdoor living areas and now are using that space to bring back neighborhood block parties in their own backyards.

Creating a Backyard Oasis for Fun. From parents looking for ways to get their kids outside and away from screens to neighbors wanting to connect with friends, homeowners are turning their backyards into a place for fun and games. Some go all out to install a pool or pickleball court while others take a simpler approach like designating a strip of grass for cornhole or a small soccer pitch.

Taking Better Care of Living Landscapes. Since homeowners have come to value their lawns, trees and plants more than ever, they are investing more in their care; that can mean purchasing equipment for do-it-yourself work or calling in professionals for pruning, rescuing diseased trees and revitalizing turfgrass.

Choosing Real Grass. The trend of ripping out real grass and replacing it with fake, plastic alternatives is fading as homeowners and communities recognize the limitations – and downsides – of plastic grass. Synthetic turf is hard to clean, hot on feet and paws, and difficult to recycle.

Planting for Pollinators. Once a niche practice, planting for pollinator support is growing in popularity. Homeowners understand the importance of their backyards to provide food and shelter to pollinators like birds, butterflies and bats year-round, and are choosing plants for with pollinators in mind.

Adding Drought Tolerant Plants. Plants that are especially adapted to drier landscapes are better for water-stressed areas. Homeowners are doing their research and selecting plants that will thrive in the type of climates where they live.

Mixing Materials. As outdoor living becomes more a part of daily life, homeowners are taking care to design cohesive outdoor spaces by considering landscaping, hardscaping (patios, outdoor kitchens, etc.) and natural aesthetics like trees, boulders and more.

Backyard Birding. The birdwatching craze really took flight during the pandemic, but it’s not a fleeting fad. Birdwatching is not only relaxing; it is a great way to connect with the nature that’s all around us.

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